To rush the availability of articles, ABCS Health Sciences adopts continuous publication starting with volume 45. Other changes introduced in 2020 include updating the internet portal to the most recent Open Journal System platform (OJS 3) and a new layout for the articles.

Continuous publication means that approved articles will be published as soon as the post-approval processing steps are completed. They will not have to wait for the approval and processing of other articles to complete an issue. The editorial board of this journal believes that continuous publication is the most appropriate format to promote wide access and speed in scientific communication.

The continuous publication is a relatively recent model. For this reason, the traditional standards of reference formatting (e.g. Vancouver style, ABNT) have not yet adapted completely to the lack of information such as the numbers for issue, first and last pages. However, due to the growing number of journals adopting continuous publication, this matter might be resolved soon. Until then, we have included in the articles and on the internet portal suggestions for reference formatting of articles published in ABCS Health Sciences.

These changes do not modify our policy for publishing without fees and open-access of articles.