University Extension at Faculdade de Medicina do ABC: which progress and limits?

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Silmara Conchão


Introduction: It is inside our context, as regards the improvement of education, care and research, we will present the COMEX, the Extension Comission of Faculdade de Medicina do ABC of Fundação do ABC, located in Santo André, metropolitan region of São Paulo, Brazil. A report about the progress and limits of six years’ experience in academic extension, with a group of teachers and students of the several health sciences areas. Experience report: We develop actions in different situations, an intense work guided by do, receive, search, solve, evaluate, plan and re‑plan, investigate, listen, observe, communicate and create. Work as a team, following the plan, but also with improvisation, get out of the social networks and view the surroundings. Conclusion: A process that has enabled decisions and changes, reframed our existence, worldview and our senses. I learned that education and research advance a lot when are associated with the effective interaction between the university and the social reality.


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Conchão, S. (2015). University Extension at Faculdade de Medicina do ABC: which progress and limits?. ABCS Health Sciences, 40(3).


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